Call Center Policy


Call Recording

Calls made and/or received by legal advisors in the Enforcement Department are not recorded.

All listeners are notified of call recording as follows:

a. For calls received by the Support Department, before establishing the connection with the agent, the notification message being the following: "Hello, you have called FLY FM. Your call will be answered as soon as possible by one of our agents. This conversation is being recorded, and its continuation constitutes your consent"

b. For calls made by the Support Department, at the time of establishing the connection with the agent and before your identification, you will be informed about the recording of the call, the notification message being the following: "Hello, my name is [the collection agent about to introduce himself ] and I'm calling you from FLY FM. I wish to inform you that this call is being recorded, and its continuation constitutes your acceptance."

The recording will stop automatically only in the event that you do not want to continue the call, i.e. when you initiate the disconnection/closing of the call.

How can I contact FLY FM if I do not want my call to be recorded?

In the event that you do not want your calls made and received to be recorded, we recommend that you contact us in one of the following ways:

c. By sending an email to one of the following addresses:

d. By visiting our premises.

Where are call recordings stored?

Call recordings are stored in servers located on the territory of Romania and/or the European Union.

Who accesses recorded conversations?

Recorded calls are accessed by call review specialists and Company management/management.

Can I ask for a copy of the record?

Requests for copies of records must be made in writing and sent by post or email. Applications will be evaluated by specially appointed persons, the consent of all parties involved in the appeal being required before the registration is issued.

At the same time, we inform you that based on legal provisions we have the right to charge a fee based on administrative costs.

Requests will be sent to:

Alternatively, we can establish, at the applicant's expense, the possibility of listening to the recording at the nearest regional office/headquarters of FLY FM, to the extent that this option is possible.

The rules may be revised periodically, depending on the applicable legislative amendments and additions, as well as depending on the level of technological development, any changes made to the content of these rules being brought to the attention of the persons concerned.

This policy is supplemented by the provisions of the Privacy Policy.